Baldwinsville Arts

Haiku Community Vote Tally


Community Favorite
Ballot Number — 4
Vote Tally: 146
Alvin Trang
At last, vacation.
Soft sand, blue sky, ocean fun.
Then a shark arrived.
Ballot Number 14 — Vote Tally: 16
Lock levels rising
Boaters enjoy the water
Baldwinsville is home!
Ballot Number 3 — Vote Tally: 12
My bee is so cool.
I wonder how they breathe air.
I am curious.
Ballot Number 5 — Vote Tally: 12
Fishing by the lake
Can I catch a monster fish
How long will it take?
Ballot Number 13 — Vote Tally: 9
flip-a-flop flip flops,
ten brightly painted toenails
smiling up at me
Ballot Number 23 — Vote Tally: 9
Backyard memories
Campfires, smores, music, family
Summer oasis
Ballot Number 22 — Vote Tally: 7
People in the pool
People wearing winter coats
Same week in the Cuse.
Ballot Number 29 — Vote Tally: 5
No matter how old
Girlfriends are summer treasures
Have ice cream with them
Ballot Number 10 — Vote Tally: 5
Sandy, chubby thighs
Sticky vanilla fingers
Was it yesterday?
Ballot Number 32 — Vote Tally: 4
All kinds of people
Seeking respect and justice
For Black Lives Matter
Ballot Number 26 — Vote Tally: 2
Please just be kind now
A smile goes a long way.
Make somebody's day.
Ballot Number 1 — Vote Tally: 2
Bunnies hop a lot.
They jump over a big rock.
They are good hoppers.
Ballot Number 6 — Vote Tally: 2
The moon scolds the sun
for staying up past bedtime
but he stands his ground
Ballot Number 31 — Vote Tally: 2
Lazy cicadas
Buzz along the river banks
Reverie whispers.
Ballot Number 17 — Vote Tally: 2
Quite a charming place
Bistros, birds, bass and bridges
Our village abounds
Ballot Number 28 — Vote Tally: 1
Lazy, lethargic
Steamy, sticky, sweltering
Longing for ice cream!
Ballot Number 36 — Vote Tally: 1
Early morning stroll
Barefoot woman deep in thought
Sand between her toes.
Ballot Number 30 — Vote Tally: 1
Shoeless feet free to
marry the hugging green blades
that never sharpen.
Ballot Number 7 — Vote Tally: 1
Fireflies flit about
Illuminating the night,
A child sees magic
Ballot Number 34 — Vote Tally: 1
Many kinds of cows
Grazing, sleeping in the field
Content, quiet, peace
Ballot Number 2 — Vote Tally: 1
The beach in summer
It's nice to lay on the sand
The water is cold