Baldwinsville Arts Artist Portal

Baldwinsville Arts Artist Portal

Calling all CNY Artists, Writers, and Performers

We'd love to have you as an "ARTIST MEMBER".

One of our goals is to create an umbrella organization to support the needs of local artists and expose the community to the rich arts scene that is Baldwinsville. We want to be able to create the venues that offer opportunities to both the artists and community.

With that in mind, we are offering a free "ARTIST MEMBERSHIP" to local artists. If you are a artist, painter, potter, sculptor, dancer, actor, musician, writer, or performance of any kind and you'd like to become part of a growing local arts movement. Contact us at to join.

Your membership will entitle you to display a free member profile on our website and allow you to add any events that you may be involved in on our community calendar.

Our "ARTIST MEMBERSHIP" committee chairperson and board member, Renee Storiale, will be happy to assist getting you started.

Enriching the community through the arts.