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About Us



where your neighbors are talented artists, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and performers of every kind.

If you live in Baldwinsville, YOU ARE ALREADY THERE!

Today, the Baldwinsville Center for the Arts is eager to engage the community in the breadth and richness of the arts, showcase local talent, and support individuals, groups, and organizations with a common interest in the visual and performing arts.

Our vision is to make Baldwinsville a "center" for the arts in the region through advocacy, education, and opportunity.

The Baldwinsville Center for the Arts is excited to bring year-round arts experiences to the Baldwinsville community, and we could not have done so without your interest in our events and your continued support.

We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and contributors to fulfill that mission, and hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Baldwinsville Center for the Arts so that we may continue to support the arts in the Baldwinsville community.


Making Baldwinsville a "center" for arts experiences

What a fantastic year 2019 turned out to be!

We launched the new year with the Winter Arts Series, an six-part event program with arts experiences ranging from vocal performances to poetry recitation to art gallery exhibits to comedy improv and instrumental concerts. We plan to continue these offerings throughout the upcoming seasons making it always possible to experience art in Baldwinsville.

On June 2nd the Baldwinsville Center for the Arts held its 3rd Annual Arts Festival, featuring Art Walk 2019, a street fair along historic Oswego Street. There artists from near from far set up shop on the lawns of the beautiful homes that are part of that district to display and sell their art. Fortune smile on us and we were graced with a beautiful sunny day during which over 350 folks strolled the street and shopped. This event was one of several that made the weekend a wonderful time to live and enjoy Baldwinsville.

OCTOBER -- Ghost Walk, all new spooky stories to experience.

Remember, we could always use a little more help.

The Baldwinsville Center for the Arts is looking for new members to join our committees that create and market these events. Contact Us today to see how you can be a part of our growing organization.